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DS and ID

1967 Citroën ID19


This ID19 is for sale by the owners, who have asked us to help them advertise it. Their asking price is $18,000. The car is located in Mamaroneck, New York.

The following description was provided by the owners:

Engine and hydraulics - very good
Heater and defroster - good working condition
Head light pitch mechanism - not working
Upholstery fair to very good (much has been replaced by me)
Speedometer and Fuel gauge work but are not 100% accurate. The mileage is not original, as we had the speedometer replaced.
Body in good condition. Right rear quarter panel was repainted recently by Enzo’s in Mamaroneck after someone creased it in the parking lot.
No rust on body, but some on chassis and in the trunk.
Tires- very good
Car has participated in 4-5 VSCCA rallies
Maintained by Foreign Car specialty mechanics
It has been driven regularly (but not when there is salt on the roads).

The odometer currently shows 9357.

The car will be sold with the current New York registration as the ownership document; New York does not issue titles for vehicles made before 1973.

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Contact: Gladys Cerrina and John Syvarth