We are a full-service Citroën repair, restoration, and tuning shop. We've done our best to describe our complete range of services and equipment on this page. Contact us so we can discuss your car and what you envision for it.

Mechanical and electrical


We can overhaul any hydraulic system made by Citroën, including rebuilding and recharging spheres. Our hydraulic test bench is set up for both LHS and LHM.

Body, frame, and interior


Our restoration service can be tailored to fit your tastes and budget, whether your goal is a daily driver or a best-of-show winner. We provide regular email updates with detailed progress reports and digital photos documenting our work.

Tuning and Modifications

Your Citroën can run sweeter and stronger, and handle even better, with our engine and chassis improvements. We have the engine building, dynamometer, and chassis tuning experience to make it happen! Ask us about the modification possibilities for your car.


We work with three excellent machine shops, in addition to body, powder coating, and plating shops. Finally, we have an enormous inventory of parts. Whatever your car needs, we probably have it. In the unlikely event that we don't, we can get it from one of our many contacts in the U.S. and overseas.

Makes and Models

We will service any car built by Citroën, and cars that use Citroën-licensed or similar technologies, such as certain models of Maserati and Mercedes-Benz.