Citroën Parts for Sale

On this page is a small sampling of our Citroën parts stock, present and past. If you see a particular item here that interests you, please contact us. If we no longer have that part, we might be able to find another one for you. We also have an ebay store that you can view here.

DS and ID

Citroën DS Sedan Brake Shoes


Set of brake shoes for Citroen D series sedan. Fits all Citroen DS and ID sedans, all model years.

Citroën ID Steering Column Cover


Superbly accurate reproduction of the original Citroen ID19 steering column cover, based on our one remaining example of the NOS part, which is no longer available.

The originals were prone to cracking, warping, and fading. This reproduction reflects the latest revision for this part, DM822-04b, with reinforcement at gear shift lever slot to solve the cracking problem of the earlier design. It has a slightly more satin finish than the original, but should hand-buff up to the correct shine.

These fit all ID19s and Breaks produced through September of 1964.

Please note: If your ID was made before September of 1962, you might also need a gear shift lever boot (DM822-67c). We expect to have this part in stock in the near future.

Citroën DS and CX Rod Bearing Set 0.50 over


Citroen DS and ID rod bearing set, 0.50mm over. For DS and ID 1966 and later (five main bearing engines), and also CX gasoline engines.

Citroën DS European Headlight Cover Right Side


Right side headlight cover for Citroen DS with European turning lights. New old stock manufactured by Cibie, in original box. Citroen part number DX54125.

Citroën DS/ID Distributor Cap


Distributor cap for Citroen DS/ID, fits model years 1966 and later with SEV front mount distributor. Does not fit cassette points distributor. Citroen part number DX21115A


Citroën SM Flex Plate


Citroën SM flex plate, new old stock, for Borg Warner automatic transmission, July 1973 and later. Citroen part numbers 5446657 or 2S5446657 U.

Traction Avant

Citroën Traction Avant Wind Wings


Aftermarket "wind wings" or wind deflectors for Citroën Traction Avant, pair left and right, new. Made of clear tempered glass with curved edges.

We have checked these with a Normale and a Légère, and they fit both cars. Should fit 11CV, 15CV, 15/6.

Due to the angles, these measurements might not be exact, but they are within a couple of millimeters.

Note: Black squares are easily removable; they are protective padding for storage.

Citroën Traction Avant Timing Chain - also early DS


Timing chain for the following Citroen models:


Citroën CX Water Pump


Citroën CX water pump, Citroen part number 75530147.

Fits CXII 2.5 diesel, turbodiesel, and turbo gas (GTI) without air conditioning.

Includes gasket as shown.

New in original box.

Citroën CX Radiator Hose NOS 5475978


Citroën CX radiator hose, new old stock, Citroen part number 5475978.

Runs from the water pump to the tee.

Fits CX Diesel, 1980 to October 1985.

Citroen CX Radiator Hose NOS 95549813


Citroën CX radiator hose, new old stock, Citroen part number 95549813.

We believe this is the hose labeled number 9 in the parts diagram.

Fits CX Diesel as follows:

Citroën CX Radiator Hose 5475041


Citroën CX radiator hose, new old stock, Citroen part number 5475041.

Runs from the pipe to the radiator.

Fits all CX Diesel.


Citroën Mehari Grille, Original Citroën, New


New original equipment grille for Mehari, manufactured by Citroën - not a reproduction.

This grille fits "new model" Meharis, model year 1978 and later, or earlier cars which have had the front panel replaced with the later type.

The yellow color is described by Mehari Club Cassis as Jaune Atacama.

Please note: This grille will probably not fit US-version Meharis, because they have an earlier version front.